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Thread: got a quick little question here

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    got a quick little question here

    so, i just turned 18 had my brother who is 31 buy me a taurus pt840 ( love the gun) also he has his concealed carry permit . is there a problem with me open carrying that gun? also my girlfriend is 17 turns 18 in 6 months.i talked to the police officer at my school and said it was fine to have the gun in the car with her but of course i know to have it in the glove box. he also said it could get me in trouble with a "bad" cop her being 17 and me being 18 with a gun in her car not mine. he said something along the lines of it being something intro to a miner. correct me if im wrong with anything.

    so my questions are
    1) can i carry the gun my brother buys for me?
    2) what , (if any) kind of trouble can i get into while having my gun in my girlfriends car who is 17?

    please and thank you for your help

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    Answered your post in the Kentucky thread. Welcome to OCDO.
    A bullet may have your name on it, but shrapnel is addressed to whom it may concern.
    Why open carrying is a good idea:

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