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Thread: The Rifle OC event - What came of it?

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    The Rifle OC event - What came of it?

    I heard that you folks in California were going to hold a rifle OC event at some mall. Did it take place? What was the result? I can't seem to find anything about it, other than threads about planning it.

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    Long Gun Open Carry at Pacific Beach? If not, here's a fun video of that one anyway. "Oh no, look at how everyone around us is terrified!"
    Btw, Mark Dice has some great videos of going to OWS protests and trying to reason with "the zombies."

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    I used to live in PB, this was before I owned guns. I miss cruising the boardwalk. Of coarse in the video they (police) used the classic "anti" phrases like: "where the children are", and "assault weapons". I am so glad I don't live in CA any more, and feel bad for those who do. It will make it even harder to visit my relatives now. They all live in non-OC places: CA, TX, and Canada.
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