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Thread: Superior Court Judge holds NC Felony Firearms Act facially unconstitutional

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    Superior Court Judge holds NC Felony Firearms Act facially unconstitutional

    In Johnston v. State of North Carolina, Case No. 10 CVS 281, Caswell County, North Carolina, Superior Court Judge Abraham P. Jones entered an order, dated October 24, 2011, holding, "The Court is not aware of any set of circumstances under which it is proper for any citizen to be permanently civilly deprived of any fundamental constitutional right without the opportunity to be heard and to present evidence on that civil deprivation both pre- and post-deprivation. The Felony Firearms Act is, therefore, unconstitutional on its face." The Order is subject to a stay pending appeal by the State. 102411 Filed Order Johnston.pdf

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    OMG. That's wonderful - definitely a step in the right direction!

    Unfortunately I expect the decision to be overturned under pressure from the emotionally charged non-thinking masses.

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    Probably, but it seems general consensus is changing to favoring gun rights. At least in my limited experience.

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    As this is specific to NC please see the below link in that sub-forum:
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