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Thread: anyone else train in the home?

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    anyone else train in the home?

    Anyone else train at home? things like draw time and mag changes?

    for fun today i had my girlfriend time me on a stop watch.

    cleared and tripple checked the weapon before use :-)

    from concealment with my 1911, using a Galco King tuck 2 holster, i drew and dryfired in 0.9 seconds

    did a mag change in 1.09 seconds. did 3 consecutive mag changes in 5.8 seconds

    and even impressed myself with draw/fire from the hip in such a small fraction of a second that it was faster than the time it took for her brain to compute i was drawing and hit stop, essentially i dry fired before her thumb could hit the button....soo i got no time on that :-p

    i do this about 4 or 5 times a week for 15 or 20 minutes. They say in a SD scenario the adrenaline coursing through you makes everything slower. so i like to know how fast i am on a good day.

    do i seem weird for doing this? or do others do it as well
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    Place a 1" x 1" x 3" block of wood on the back of your hand held beside your holster.

    When ready draw and fire from the hip, continuing to fire as you raise the gun - 2 to 3 shot drills with an EMPTY/SAFE handgun. You must accept the grip you get, there is no time to adjust.

    If you can beat or tie the block of wood sticking the floor, you are getting the 1st shot off in under .5 seconds. Yes it can be done - guarantee it, but only from OC. CC will slow you down noticeably.

    The stress level on your muscles will tire them, so 5 to 6 reps at a time, then resting is recommended.

    Do this every day for a month and you'll be pleased with your new found confidence and speed.

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    i have a long house with an open floor plan so i like to pick a target across the house. i work on quick draw, quick target acquisition and quick dry fire. i can usually draw, rack the slide( i don't carry with 1 in the chamber ) acquire and fire 1 shot within 2 seconds. for me it isn't just quick draw and fire. it is mainly about quicker target acquisition and quickly establishing sight picture.

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    Don't know how you get off more than one shot with a semi-auto with the block of wood trick. But it sounds like a good training exercise (use a revolver, I guess).
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