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Thread: Can police enter prohibited places?

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    Can police enter prohibited places?

    So with us in WI getting some of our rights restored, local municipalities are banning firearms (and usually other weapons) from public buildings they own. I was trying to tell them, even if a place is posted, a police officer who is not there for official business cannot enter that building. My town had put in a clause saying any police or military "on active duty" can enter one of these buildings. I'm taking this to mean that if he is off duty or retired, he cannot enter those buildings. I remember the issue with the UT officer who was kicked out of a Toys R Us last Christmas season. Am I correct in my thinking?
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    Well of course, Toys R Us is a privately owned business so they certainly could refuse to allow an armed officer entrance onto and into their property if they wanted. Public? I would doubt it.
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    Well, here in WA the local governments have no options but what the state legislature gives them...There are no local government buildings that are off limits except Jails and Mental health facilities, oh yes, unlicensed OC into a city owned stadium or convention center is an allowed local option. If you have a CPl, that is not even an option for them.

    So, jails and general, yes, ARMED LE can and are restricted except in very special circumstances inside jails and MHF. The corrections personal that work inside the secure area generally cannot be armed either (except maybe pepper spray). Licensed carry allowed in the "open to public" areas up to the secure area where a lock box is provided. Same with a court facility, past the metal detectors, lock box provided, only "authorized" personel.

    From what I saw in the WI law they gave the local government much to much leaway. You cannot be sure when you move from one location to another what, or what is not allowed...this is not good. The State needs TOTAL preemption, no local options except maybe where firearms discharge is not allowed, and then SD is a legit reason to discharge even in a "prohibited" area.

    See RCW 9.41.290 (preemption statement) and RCW 9.41.300 (restrictions and local options available)

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