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Thread: Spokane Gun Show

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    Spokane Gun Show

    The Spokane Gun Show is next weekend at the Spokane Fairgrounds. Times are:
    Friday, 4 November 1200 - 1900
    Saturday, 5 November 0900 - 1800
    Sunday, 6 November 0900 - 1600
    We will have a table to hand out Open Carry trifolds, and will be sharing it with the Libertarians again. If you can help man, or woman, the table any time over the weekend please PM me with your email and cell phone number if you have one, and let me know when you can work the table. I need your email so I can send you a copy of the work schedule. The cell phone is so when you get to the parking lot you can call someone on the shift ahead of you and that person will meet you outside and give you a badge to get into the show free.

    If you are attending the show, but can't work the table, come by anyway and say, "Hi."

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    I have the one sided banner, with poles, and can help with the table throughout the weekend.

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    I have the double sided banner and will bring it to the table Thursday after work. Per Dave's instructions I will not set it up. I also have a box full of various printouts training bullitens, OCDO tri folds etc. I can also help at the table at various times over the weekend and can be there for the tear down on Sunday. Dave let me know when you need me to man the table.

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