On WBAY, a TV station in Green Bay, reps from both the Green Bay Police and Fire Dept commented about how their are going to handle a situation where an individual/s are in need of medical treatment and being a CCW holder and armed, requiring him/her to be transported via ambulance.
They stated that a member of their family or a friend would need to take possession of the firearm (this could be an issue, do they have the LEGAL means to posses the firearm, a Lawful manner to transport it and so on)
Here is the link to the story, http://www.wbay.com/story/15894044/2...aled-carry-law
One problem, if GBPD has their way, it was proposed that YOUR firearm could be placed into Police custody in their property room at a proposed cost to YOU of $100.00!
I would like to see, in an emergency situation, that the firearm be placed in a secure box that could be placed in the ambulance and or patrol car, then transported to the local PD, where, under certain circumstances they (LEO) would secure the firearm in their custody. However, now they would have access to run the serial number!
I do realize that the firearm would need to have a paper trail, however it was not used in in the commission of a crime, circumstances beyond your control! "What if" you are here out of town, an accident happened to no fault of you? No family here... Yadda Yadda and and and.