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Thread: Encounter with Deputy, Cow Caper

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    Encounter with Deputy, Cow Caper

    Howdy Folks!
    I went to work on Friday, and as usual, fell into that zone when driving that you just sort of hit autopilot.
    So imagine my surprise at being rousted from my customary drive by a cow out of its pasture and right next to the roadway.
    The road in question being quite busy, as a general rule, and the cow ready to bolt onto the roadway quite easily without being seen until the last minute by southbound drivers. A tree line was next to the roadway, and made it impossible for soutbounders to see the cow until it meandered out onto the road right in front of them. Right behind the cow was a bull with similar intentions.

    So, feeling a certain onus upon me to help ensure driver safety, I turned my car around, pulled over into a small dirt road directly across from the offending bovines, and called the sheriff's office to ask for a deputy to be sent to deal with the situation. While waiting for him to arrive, I strolled across the street and confronted said cow, with my Ruger P94 .40 cal on my hip to back my play. My authoritative approach must have inimidated both the cow and the bull, as they both backed off into their pasture. I noted the fence was down, so there wasn't anything to prevent the entire herd from making a break for freedom. Once the animals were back where they belonged, I remained to make certain nobody had an unfortunate encounter at an average $3.89 per found of beef or an expensive trip to the body shop to have their car repaired.

    The deputy arrived shortly after, and checked the situation. He looked at the tracks left by our bovine friends, looked at my boots, and concluded that indeed the cows were dangerously close to the roadway. Taking charge, I left for work as the deputy drove to the nearby farmhouse to have a chat with the farmer about securing his herd. He also noted my sidearm, but said nothing regarding the firearm I carried.

    We parted ways, and drivers on that stretch of roadway may never know how close they came to a lifetime supply of ground beef!


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    good on you mang. now, where were you when my buddy made elk stew on the side of the highway the other day? sure coulda used your services then.

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    Good for you!

    The world would be a better place if more people were like you and were willing to look out for the safety and well-being of their fellowman.
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    That's being what my father taught me is a "stand-up" citizen. That's one who stands up for what's right, and takes the appropriate action for any given situation, instead of merely leaving it for someone else.

    More than than, a cow struck at high speed can easily cave in the driver's windshield, killing the driver and front seat passenger, as has happened many times with both cattle and horses. You may have very well saved someone's life.
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