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Thread: to all the ocers out there

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    to all the ocers out there

    so I'm new to ocing and was just wondering if anyone who is 18 or under 21 that is ocing ever been stopped by the police for it? do they seem to be less nice about it since your only 18? or do they treat you like they would anyone else?

    thank you for your help

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    The law can't stop you for simply carrying a handgun. It does not constitute a crime in Ky, and unless they have RAS that you have or are about to commit a crime then they are breaking the law. Know the laws and court precedent and you will be fine. Study up on krs chapters 237, 527, and 503, and supreme court cases such ad holland vs. Commonwealth.
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    Its just the basic stuff. I have been stopped by the same officers in my home town 2 time for one and 3 for the other. They always ask if I have a permit to carry. I don't. But you don't need one.

    Every officer leaves me alone when they figure out I know the law. None has ever asked to take my weapon. But they will always say something along the lines "It makes people nervous" and that I probably shouldn't have it but I don't run away just because they say that stuff. I have only ever visibly made one woman nervous.

    You will have some try to tell you that you can only carry what you can legally buy. This is true but you can legally buy a handgun at 18 if its not from an FFL dealer (I think and I will be corrected if I am wrong).

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