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Thread: Wisconsin Catholic bishops want concealed weapons out of church.

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Wisconsin Catholic bishops want concealed weapons out of church.

    The state's five bishops issued a statement Monday saying they won't mandate churches prohibit concealed weapons but want parishioners not to carry them into churches as a sign of reverence.

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    This looks suspiciously like the Catholic Bishops want to keep the liability protection offered by the Wisconsin Law so they are politely asking their congregations to leave the guns at home instead of mandating it. That is an interesting approach that I would expect to see followed by other denominations.

    Perhaps they could learn a lesson in the Bible from the Gospel of Luke when Jesus said: If you do not have a sword (gun), sell thine cloak and buy one.
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    Perhaps they'll quit systematically covering up the sodomizing of children, too?
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    In reverence to who? A mass shooter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger Johnson View Post
    Perhaps they'll quit systematically covering up the sodomizing of children, too?
    I am so tired of this. I in NO way condone, support, or approve of what those priests did, but the Church says if you sincerely repent, you are forgiven by the grace of God. I believe there is a special hole in Hell for child molesters, and God will judge them. And I can promise you; it will not just be priests in that hole; sinners of all religions and walks of life will be there too. So can we stop acting like the Catholic Church is the only religion to have sinners, please?

    Back on topic; this is very interesting as I'm traveling next week and called the church in WV to ask their stance on OC. Still waiting to hear back. The secretary I did talk to asked me "Do you feel the NEED to carry a gun to mass?" and I gave the seat-belt analogy. When I speak to the administrator, I'm going to say that I go to church to save my soul, and I carry a gun to save my life.
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    Not surprising at all. A few years back in Minnesota, they went as far as suing the state, saying that mandating that they post signs if they wanted to ban guns was a violation of the separation of church and state. It was a part of the reason that I disowned the "catholic" church, tithing there would be like giving money to the Joyce Foundation or Brady bunch.

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