Well my leather Alessi holster for my CZ75 finally arrived,

+'s The gun fit is perfect, it looks super, retention is OK, locks in on the trigger guard, it fits super tight to my side and makes the CZ75 feel like it weighs less then my CZ82 with it's thumb brake retention leather holster. The holster has a secondary snap loop so that you can thread your belt through, and snap the third loop on the other side of the pants belt loop. (puts the barrel right down into to top of your pocket) When you sit down to do your business with your pants down, the holster stays in place and does not try to slide down the belt. That is a big plus!

-'s I'm not overly happy with the style of retention...I know some people do not like thumb brakes, but I do. However, the retention on the trigger guard is ok, the weapon is securely held, it is just not a strap across the hammer like I am used to. I do not know if some of his other holster styles have other retention methods, or not. I just know I wanted a top drawer leather holster for my CZ75, and now I have one. draw is a bit stiff, but it is a brand new holster, and the gun most assuredly will not fall out on it's own no matter what.

Overall? Pleased. Scale of one to ten, maybe an 8+. Quality and looks are definately 10's.