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Thread: Bay Shore Mall Posted

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    Bay Shore Mall Posted

    Got a call from my cousin the bus driver, Bay Shore Mall posted NO WEAPONS ON PROPERTY! as Per City Ord.blah,blah ,blah he said this was posted at entrance to parking lot.

    Any one else see this ? I personally did not because I'm 140 miles away .
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    I saw the same thing at Mayfair Mall. Easy enough to miss as you drive in...

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    You can have your weapon in your car. Nothing they can do about that. But yea bayshore has the signs up so you can't even carry outside on their grounds. And that sucks cuz it's the only decent mall left. We'll be doing all our christmas shopping elsewhere, at places like fleet farm and walmart who aren't liberal sheep.
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    I wonder if anyone told Orvis and Williams Sonoma about this.

    Milwaukee County has an ordinance that declares that any knife with a blade longer than 3 inches is a "dangerous weapon". That would include many hunting knives, most fish filet knives and lots of kitchen/chef's knives!

    So at least two of their stores are probably "violating" already.

    The term "dangerous weapon" shall mean and include any instrument which can be used to inflict death or great bodily harm. The following are dangerous per se: blackjack ... or any other knife having a blade three (3) inches or longer, ...

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