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    To Recap

    not too long ago, I sent an e mail to Glenn Grothman's staffer Jolene Churchill. I wrote: I am hearing that now the conceal to carry has passed, police chiefs such as one in Minocqua are saying that open carry is now repealed. I thought that open carry was not affected by the conceal to carry law.

    She sent it off to someone called Jennifer Esser, who replied by saying this: Itís not repealed at all. Thatís a rumor. DOJ has a section on open in their FAQ which is belowEnjoy your weekend.

    Those of you who know the law well in this area have said that OC is not repealed as I have been reading your threads. Now If leos are called because someone sees you OCing and you are told to produce a CC permit and you don't have one, those leos will take you to jail, because no leo knows all state statutes regarding the right to bear arms etc... I don't think they want to be educated by a citizens whome they believe are ignorant. Maybe not all leos but a majority of them. I suppose the best thing is to become a WI carry founding member. I know Gregg was confronted at a county fair, but have all of you been confronted at one time or another?

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    Another suggestion would be to print out the WI DOJ FAQ on AB-35 and carry it with you so that any LEO who misunderstands the law can get a polite explanation with backup sourse.
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    Twice in the same day, by two different departments. I've not had an encounter since.

    The one thing in Act 35 is, if you have a permit and the police use "excessive force," they face repercussions personally.
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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Wisc. Stats. 175.60(17) PENALTIES.

    Wisc. Stats. 175.60(17) PENALTIES. ...
    (ar) Any law enforcement officer who uses excessive force based solely on an individualís status as a licensee may be fined not more than $500 or sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than 30 days or both. The application of the criminal penalty under this paragraph does not preclude the application of any other civil or criminal remedy.

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