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Thread: poll wkow

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    poll wkow

    Need to hit the poll on about shopping at businesses that don't allow CC. We're losing.
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    I hit it.
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    50/50 as of now

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    It is now 54/46; but I noticed the question is asked in such a manner that those totally opposed may also answer yes.

    this poll is more about "how strongly do you feel about your position on CC. Will it influence where you shop.", that is will the anti's only shop at posted stores, and teh pro shop at only unposted stores.

    I wonder how the station is going to inturperate their results.

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    Does a business' decision to allow or not allow concealed carry impact your decision to shop there?
    Just today I spent money at a restaurant without a gun-ban sign, avoided a restaurant with a gun-ban sign.
    So that's a yes.
    But as others pointed out, this is more of a "how strongly do you feel" poll
    rather than a "which side are you on" poll.
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