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Thread: "Getting Arrested App" - Useful for Open Carry?

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    "Getting Arrested App" - Useful for Open Carry?

    Look at this! Maybe the idiot protesters have inspired one useful thing!

    I can see where this could be very handy for Open Carriers, especially in states where progress is lagging behind. Throw in a voice recorder that needs a password to turn off and automatically transmits the sound file to an off-site server, and it's GOLD!


    Wall Street protesters get 'Getting Arrested' app


    "Here's how it works: Users write a text message in advance and program a list of recipients. As they're about to be arrested, users can hit one button and alert everyone on their list."

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    Could come in handy. Although what would you put for the pre-written message? A little easier for the Occupy Wall Street crowd I would think...

    The recorder would be nice. I have one that requires a passcode but it doesn't automatically send stuff off.
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    Here's a link to the app. Darned if I know how to install it but it'd be good to have just in case you need to notify User.

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    "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

    I wonder if it would be beneficial to adapt the technology that provides the well-known message "I've fallen and I can't get up!" to declare "I've been arrested and I can't get bail!" -- to be broadcast to those who could help.

    Life Alert becomes Freedom Alert, or something.

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