first off it was great to see all the people i have met in the past at events and out and about second i was nice meeting people for the first time handy, viper (even though you were at the baraboo picnic) jason in wi, dad, im sure im missing more

all in all the day was a very nice day to go and knock on some doors with like minded folks like brass said we paul mlutz brass magnet and i walked and talked with many sen and reps we saw the sight the capitol had to offer even sat in a a wi supreme court case for a few min
too bad i didnt bring my slingshot i could of taken out that pesky red mylar heart balloon up in the capitols ceilingsaw some offices posted and even one office with a dont tread on me poster taped to the door

it was good to see all yall again

with any luc my permission slip is in todays mail