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Thread: Why Should People Have Guns When We Have Cop

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    Why Should People Have Guns When We Have Cop

    As I always say, you can be a victim, or not, the choice is yours.

    Yesterday, Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright of South Carolina told women during a news conference to obtain their concealed weapons permit in order to better protect themselves from rapists and criminals in the area.

    The sheriff of Spartanburg County, S.C., turned a news conference about an attempted rape in his community into an extended rant Monday in which he slammed a criminal justice system preferred by "liberals" for failing to keep the repeat-offender suspect behind bars -- and implored the women in his community to pack heat for self-protection.

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    just remember, when SECONDS count the law dawgs are only MINUTES away.

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    All these guys who are anti-s have a very limited imagination. They need to imagine that their grandmother is alone at home when burglar or HI happens, or walking down the street when a mugger comes up, and ask them if they wouldn't want her to have a means to defend herself besides a cell phone. They would ALL let their grandmothers (or mothers or relatives) have a handgun.

    They're just thinking in terms of some hot-headed young gang-banger not realizing that it's their own defenseless old people that need the protection.
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    "This Sheriff should be applauded and is absolutely correct in his suggestions. Yes, law enforcement is an important piece of society however, ultimately it is up to the individual to protect themselves, in particular women because they are biologically weaker than men and easy targets for assault."

    We need more Sheriffs like this fellow!
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