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Thread: Born and Raised Cheesehead now a FIB

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    Born and Raised Cheesehead now a FIB

    Congrats Wisconsin.

    As the title say's I'm a born and raised cheesehead now living in the Peoples Republic of Illinois.
    I served 20 years in the USAF and still supporting the military every day as a contractor on Scott AFB.

    Cook county (Chicago) and just 2 other counties elected our current batch of anti's. We have HB148 and numerous lawsuits in our favor but it's a up hill battle to your south. If we just had a half dozen more state Senator's who believed in freedom we could join the rest of the free world. Please do every thing you can to support us in the last of the 50.

    I'll be CCW with my Penn permit when I come home for deer camp.

    Please don't forget us FIB's who believe in the 2nd.

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    I'd offer to help you out, but, unfortunately the only thing we seem to be able to send south of the border are our elected officials.<g>

    Good luck with your fight, you guys got a tough row to hoe.

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