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Thread: Nobody talks, everybody walks

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    Nobody talks, everybody walks

    A quick clip from the Man with a gun meeting with Hanover.

    Trip Chalkley, the Commonwealths Attorney in Hanover, was at the meeting. Trip is unusual...his wife was and may still be, a teacher there. A very good one. Trip was an assistant CA in Hanover and a very good one. Later he was a defense Attorney...a very good one. I served on a jury once that Trip was the Defense Attorney and my mind was made up before the trial really started.

    During a casual conversation once I asked him how a parent could explain to their children that the police weren't bad people, but never to talk to the sons of bitches

    He said "Just tell them that your lawyer said they should always let him talk for them".

    I was amazed that he hasn't lost that honesty as the Full Blown Commonwealths Attorney.
    I haven't corrected the color balance in this clip or synced the primary audio, so no critics. Just thought you might like to see this.

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    Such candor and straight talk is most refreshing.

    Appreciate the vid clip.
    Better to not open your mouth and be thought the fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

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