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Thread: Seattle OC report.

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    Seattle OC report.

    Well this report is actually for the week before. I attended the Mayor town hall on bike, pedestrain, and car safety on Monday of last week, in the Bertha Knight room, in city hall. The same room that Mayor Nickels had his town hall for the parks ban and more recently the big police, mayor, city council meeting on where do we go from here, about the Woodcarver shooting and other police missteps. There were alot of big wigs there. I sat at the table next to Asst. Chief Metz of SPD. It was a good meeting and I got to meet alot of rich well educated people of Seattle.

    The next night I attended the councils budget meeting up in the council chambers. Huge crowd. Good event. Talked with alot of people.

    And last finished up the week shopping at Fred Meyer in Ballard. No problems. No cops. No taken down at gun point.

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    Pier 86 last night on the 2 wheeled monster to see if there were any squiddies there. Pier 86 is REALLY NICE. Very well lit and with individual shelters and a even signs on wall showing you how to filet a fish and identifying different fishies. On way out, as I was attaching my gear to the bike, port of seattle po po comes from my 8-9 o clock (I am a leftie) and he just drove on by to do a lap to make sure nobody was making troubles. As I finished up and rode out, I decided to check the other side just to see if there were other piers. On way there, met the same port of seattle po po who just finished driving on the bike path and not a care was given.

    Got two fishie (or something crazy) bites but I was using squid jigs so no hook to latch em. Pulled up about 10ft and whatever it was let go. Then I got REALLY, REALLY excited thinking I snatched me a Humboldt but it turned out to be a red textured piece of seaweed.

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