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Thread: What penalty does DOJ face if they dont get your permit processed in the times stated

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    What penalty does DOJ face if they dont get your permit processed in the times stated

    If they don't then its breaking the law.
    Then who is responsible ?

    We all have to follow the law or face consequences, will the DOJ be "above the law" somehow if this happens ?

    Anybody know ?
    Any one of you lily livered, flea bitten, bow legged varmints care to slap leather with me?

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    It has no teeth. Same thing that happens when local communities scoff at 66.0409. Same thing that happens when we don't give ID to cops that demand it when we aren't driving or (now) using our CWL.

    ETA: So nothing, unless I'm missing something.
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    Worst thing that'll happen is the bad publicity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by safcrkr View Post
    Worst thing that'll happen is the bad publicity.
    I agree totally. ButrRegardless of what the penalty could or would be, the DOJ would not face it BECAUSE all they would have to do is petition the court for an extension just like the GAB did in processing and certifying the recall petitions. The judge will ask how much time they need and they would probably get it.

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    With sixteen years' experience at issuing CHLs, the Texas DPS still draws remarks of wonder when they issue one within the statutory time limit.

    It's like local government gun bans in buildings or parks: totally unenforceable, but it's not illegal for them to post meaningless notices claiming that guns are banned, when they're not. There is no penalty for doing so.

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    Right without a Real Remedy

    If Wisconsin law allows, you could seek a writ of mandamus from a judge. Then failure to comply could result in a contempt charge. Of course, by the time everything is sorted out, the permit would have been issued. This is one of those times when the individual suffers for the greater good (such as not having to hire enough people to ensure timely issuance). That costs $, which everybody would have to bear (well, sort of).

    It's like the requirement to clear snow from a sidewalk that belongs to the city. Unconstitutional in my opinion but the alternative is for the city to hire temporary snow shovelers (with an increase in taxes). A different way of spreading the burden. Which way is better is a matter of perspective.
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