Note: Wisconsin now recognizes Utah non-resident permits but does not, at this time, recognize VA permits.

This class includes the Utah mandated fingerprinting (no trudging off to a police dept. and paying extra) and an addressed envelope, you bring a copy of your drivers license and VA CHP (if applicable), a passport size photo and two stamps and you're ready to drop it in the mail!

Utah now requires that if you are a resident of a "shall issue" State (VA is, MD & DC are not) you must have a home State concealed carry permit in order to obtain a Utah Permit. If you do not already have a VA permit I will provide a certificate that meets VA's requirements for training.

Class starts at 11AM and runs approx. 4 hours. This is a classroom only course and we require that you already be familiar with handguns to attend. This is not an auditorium full of people where you get lost in a crowd. These classes are small and individualized.

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