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Thread: Anyone Successful Without The Extra Info?

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    Anyone Successful Without The Extra Info?

    Just wondering if we have anyone here who has been successful in getting their pistol permit by submitting the paperwork and information required by state statute and ignoring the rest of the request from the local pd? Interested in Hartford residents in particular, but any insight would help. I really do want to put up the fight, but have a feeling that the Dept of Firearms wont bother in my plea as they have ignored multiple emails i have sent to them regarding the issue.

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    I have had several students refuse to supply any "extra" documentation or information in Hamden, West Hartford, Darien and a few other towns, none of my Hartford students have told me that they have refused as of yet. All the ones who have told me they stood up for their rights were successful in not only getting their application processed but also received their permits in a timely manner. Seems it's all about being diplomatic and "educating" the powers that be that you will not allow them to trample your rights by not following state statute. If you want to speak with someone at the BOFPE I would call there and speak with Sue, she is probably to busy to return emails regarding hypothetical situations, it's not her job. According to statute all you need to do is get all your application paperwork together and submit it, the issuing authority is required to process it in the time frame set forth in 29-29, once those time frames have been violated you can file an appeal to the BOFPE, then they would get involved in your situation. I suggest you visit to review what Hartford told Kix and there are also threads about Hartford on OC and CTGuntalk.

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    Your timing couldn't be better.

    Email me and we can discuss Hartford issues. I have a few working through the ranks on that as well.

    jonathan @ (remove the spaces) is where I house information on all the extra nonsense, including Hartford's paperwork.

    Jonathan - tracking all the local issuing authority, DPS and other insanity with permit issues - my blog and growing list of links useful to gun owners (especially in Connecticut).

    Rich B: My favorite argument against OC being legal in CT is "I have never seen someone OC in CT".
    I have never seen a person drink tea from a coke bottle while standing on their head, that doesn't mean it is illegal.

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