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Thread: Laserlyte LT Pro?

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    Laserlyte LT Pro?

    Does anybody have experience with the LT Pro laser training system? It looks like a good system for training for real situations in your own home.
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    2 and half year bump

    I have been looking into laser training and want to echo the OP. Anyone have any experience with any of the lasers. Laserlyte, SIRT, etc

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    I like the LTS better - that small bit hanging out the muzzle of thr PRO did catch on my holster.

    Even though you cannot do double taps with a sao you can learn an awful lot about both trigger control and the different effects of holding your gun at an angle as opposed to straight. 15 minutes a day of dry fire practice a month as opposed to live fire and you have met your initial cost.

    A hint - 3x3 squares of aluminum foil, crinkled up and then flattened out make great laser reflectors - put them all over the house for practice. (with the insert it is impossible to chamber a live round - it does not just eject if you cycle the slide)

    stay safe.
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    I use my Laserlyte LT Pro several times a month. There is no nice way to say this but; the battery life sucks. I'm lucky to get a 20 to 30 minutes use with fresh batteries. Definitely, remove the batteries when done as the Laserlyte is always on.

    Other than that it works pretty good. Depending on your lighting sometimes the dot is hard to see. It's pretty accurate. It has helped with my trigger control. I'm also able to do my practice drills that I'm unable to do at the range. Another plus is it fits .25 through .50 cal.

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