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Thread: Information needed for a trifold handout...

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    Information needed for a trifold handout...

    Could some of you people get me facts, information, data, statutes and such to put into a trifold that can be presented to places that have posted?
    Stuff such as the the statute that points out liability,
    Info on gun violence,
    Stuff like that.

    Im going to try to put together a pamphlet by the weekend!

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    If you PM me with your email address I have a few .pdf's I can send your way including a 2006 analysis of the impact of concealed carry and debunking many of the myths (by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute), a psychiatrists view of how to deal with the "anti-gun" mentality, and "Gunfacts 5.1" by Guy Smith from 2009.

    Also helpful is a 2007 national/international analysis of whether banning firearms results in reductions in homicide/suicide. The study was published in 2007 in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy:;col1
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