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Thread: New NC gun laws......

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    New NC gun laws......

    Hey guys,

    So about a month ago or so I guess I was reading up here and saw an article about some new laws in the legislature involving the castle doctrine and PPP's for a person to person transfer of firearms. If I read that article right I believe it said that those had passed and went into effect on Dec 1st of this year. Am I correct in this and reading it right that after the first that you will no longer need a PPP from the sheriff to purchase a pistol from another person? Thanks for the help guys!

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    Not sure about the PPP but the castle doctrine goes into effect on Dec 1 along with a few others. Look up NC HB 650 to read everything that takes effect.
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    I'm preetty sure that the only change for a PPP is that you will no longer need one to purchace a crossbow. I will post a cite as soon as I can dig it up.

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