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    Advanced Protection Group, LLC

    Compare to this group to what PPA believes training should be.

    What REALLY happened in Madison on Monday?

    Is it true that there is now NO training requirement to obtain a Wisconsin CCL?

    The answer: NOT TRUE. There is still a training requirement to obtain a Wisconsin CCL. Read on for details...

    Our most recent APG-ALERT
    informed you that the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) was going to meet on Monday, November 7 to discuss the Department of Justice's (DOJ) Emergency Rules concerning our new concealed carry law. And, as promised, I was there to show support for concealed carry and the intent of the legislature. Only Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and Representative Scott Suder testified (the public were not invited to speak). Van Hollen gave testimony in support of the DOJ's actions and Suder testified that the DOJ had gone too far with some of the emergency rules. Van Hollen pointed out that the DOJ could have created MORE RESTRICTIVE rules, but chose to implement the least-restrictive rules possible. This jives with his previous comment stating that the NRA should be grateful that the DOJ made implementation of the concealed carry law as easy as they did. The point of the hearing was to see if the DOJ's rules did not follow legislative intent. Of course, Van Hollen believed they did and Suder believed they did not. The committee agreed with Suder with an overwhelming majority voting to suspend portions of the emergency rules, including the language stating that a training course had to be at least four hours in length.

    The media immediately started printing inflammatory and biased headlines indicating that training was no longer required to obtain a Wisconsin CCL. This media campaign was so effective that many law enforcement officials, municipal leaders (mayors, presidents, etc.), and even firearms instructors BELIEVE that the training requirement was abolished. The saddest thing, in my humble opinion, is that many citizens wishing to obtain a permit are now under the impression that they do not need to provide proof of training with their CCL application. What is the intent of the media spreading such inaccuracies and creating turmoil amongst the citizenry?

    If you want to know the TRUTH about what happened in Madison, and want to know EXACTLY what portions of the emergency rules were suspended, then simply read this document (click here)
    . The first two pages clearly show what the committee suspended as indicated by a line striking through certain language. Anything not struck-out is still in effect. There is still a training requirement, just not the one the DOJ wanted. That's it! Very simple! Why couldn't the media give you this accurate information?

    The committee's decision essentially brings the concealed carry law back to reality and preserves the intent of the legislature. If the legislature wanted a minimum number of training hours required, they would have put that in the law. If they wanted the DOJ to be able to create more red tape and make obtaining a CCL difficult, they would not have included this language in the law,
    "The department may not impose conditions, limitations,or requirements that are not expressly provided for in this section on the issuance, scope, effect, or content of a license."

    You can watch the two-part video of the committee hearing by clicking here

    So what does the DOJ have to say about the committee's decision? Click here to read their official statement

    If you haven't checked out the DOJ's concealed carry webpage, which includes info on the suspended rules, click here to see it

    Now that you are armed with the TRUTH, please take a minute to forward this APG-ALERT to your friends. Don't let mis-information on the law thrive...Help us educate everyone with accurate information!

    Is training important?

    Of course training is important, however, it has always been--and will always be--the position of APG that training should not be required since the right to keep and bear arms is a constitutional right. I'm not saying that people shouldn't get training, I'm saying that they shouldn't be forced to do so. Training mandates and permit requirements are infringements on that constitutional right to keep and bear arms, an individual right that has now been affirmed TWICE by the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe that we need to trust the good, law-abiding citizens of our state to seek out training on their own. If you've taken our classes you know that we regularly have people attending our training that have already met the training requirement but decided that they wanted more education. Many people have told me I'm crazy to be a proponent of Constitutional Carry since I stand to make money when training is required. I always respond that I am a patriot before I'm a businessman and that I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. Many of our brave men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedoms, and we should all strive to honor that sacrifice by exercising our rights and standing up in defense of those rights.

    What happens now?

    The emergency rules will be in effect for awhile. Eventually the legislature will enact permanent rules. Part of the permanent rule-making process will be public hearings. Keep an eye out for an APG-ALERT informing you of the hearings and encouraging you to attend them. Showing support at these hearings is just as important as contacting your legislators. Your legislators need to know that you appreciate what they do and are there to support them. There should always be more people in favor of concealed carry at these hearings than against it.

    Until the hearings are scheduled, take a few minutes to contact your legislators and thank them for working hard to put Wisconsin on the map with the other 48 states allowing concealed carry. And don't forget that our concealed carry law was supported by both Democrats and Republicans!

    If you are unsure of who represents you, take a moment to look up your address by clicking here


    We've added some more dates to the training schedule for our popular Wisconsin Concealed Carry-Basic course. Some of these dates are at our soon-to-open Madison training center! Check out these dates and locations by clicking here

    Yes, that's right, we are opening a permanent training center in Madison. Stay tuned for more info on this endeavor and for announcements about all the exciting things we're planning to do in Madison (sneak peek: a simulator is one of them)!

    What are people saying about our classes? Click here to read some testimonials

    I forgot...

    In our last APG-ALERT I listed a bunch of links to our recent media appearances, but forgot one of my favorites! The guys at Ultimate Outdoors Radio have an awesome half-hour radio show every Saturday that can be heard in many parts of the state on AM 1070 or anywhere in the world on their website! Click here to visit their website

    If you want to listen to the show we were featured on, click here
    ! The main topic of discussion was carrying a concealed weapon while hunting. Do you know if you can carry one while hunting? Listen to the show for the answer!

    We were honored to be part of their one-year anniversary show and are looking forward to providing their listeners with more information in the future!

    Stay informed, be connected, tell your friends!

    Many of you reading this have likely found it on an internet forum, Facebook, or had it forwarded from a friend. Please take a moment and sign up for our e-mail list. It is free and only takes a few seconds to do!

    Check out our archive of past alerts (click here to read them
    ) and keep an eye out for our next one!

    Click here to join our FREE mailing list to receive alerts, announcements, and other information!

    Click here to find us on Facebook.

    Click here to check out our website.

    Enjoy the rest of your week and, please, be safe!



    Dominic V. Ferraro

    Advanced Protection Group, LLC
    Post Office Box 411
    Westfield, WI 53964-0411

    608-218-4636 | Office
    855-942-2779 | Toll-free
    608-406-2034 | Fax
    I don't know about you, but I'd rather get training from these guys than from another trainer who shall now rename nameless.
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    If only they had classes in the greater milwaukee area.

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    i know of a few people who have taken his course and thy have all said his courses are hands down top notch
    plus he is very actice in keeping up with the govt

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    Dom is the man! Saw him speak at the Wausau hearing and he put old Risser square in his place. The entire crowd was laughing at him. It was priceless.
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    I second the above comments. If anyone still needs to take the training, I highly recommend that you look at the training schedule on his site and sign up.

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    I seen him on tv
    Click Here for New to WI Open Carry Legal References and Informational Videos--- FAQ's

    The Armed Badger A WI site dedicated to Concealed Carry in WI

    "To disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -- George Mason, Speech of June 14, 1788 to DL useful Info

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