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Thread: Quick question???

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    Quick question???

    So last night one of my venders calls and asks if I want to stop for a drink. When we reach the restaurant/bar I took off my firearm and locked it in a bio safe I had installed in my truck due to the fact that I knew I would be having a few.

    My question is I had three drinks over about a two and a half hour time frame I Knew i was not over the limit to drive but at what point can you not c.c if you have had a drink?
    Also what do you do if you are in someone elses car and do not have a case in which to place your firearm if you have had a few??

    I decided to leave mine locked in the safe for the ride home but I am wondering if I had to?

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    I don't know what the LAW is, but I would probably opt on the side of not carrying. I know that some will flame me for that, but if I had to defend myself having any alcohol in my system would make it harder. It would be best to have a designated driver/carrier.

    Plus, what if you missed because your fine motor controls were a little shot? It's just not worth the risk for me, but each person must decide for themself.

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    The law states "materially impaired," there is not BAC for carrying. Also, one can carry in a bar/restaurant with the owner's permission or manager on duty and consume alcohol (the law does not prohibit this, so there is no statute). If you are in the bar/restaurant under your permit (rather than asking permission), you cannot consume alcohol there. You can however carry as you please on your own property and consume.
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