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Thread: A small victory today

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    A small victory today

    So, they came to put the "target rich environment" signs up today at my office and I told them not to. I tried to remain calm, but it got a little heated between me and HR as I told them how ridiculous the signs were and they told me how they were afraid that now employees would all kill each other when they are mad. The CEO came out and we talked. I told them they already have a no weapons policy and we do not have walk in business. Why would they advertise that we are all helpless?? I explained all the reasons why this is a bad idea. In the end he agreed that we should not put signs up at my office and there are no signs.
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    ^ +1000

    Way to keep your cool, and congrats on the victory!
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    Congratulations on your small victory. Also congratulations on getting the CEO to see a little bit of the light.

    stay safe.
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    Fantastic! I wish I could convince the company I work for to not have their policy (still haven't posted the buildings though).
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