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Thread: Poulsbo Burger King robbed at gun point

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    Poulsbo Burger King robbed at gun point

    This past Thursday November 10 at approximately 0520 the Poulsbo Burger King was robbed at gun point. The criminal shoved a gun in the face of two employees and ordered them to put money into a red satchel. The man then ordered both of the employees to the ground and zip tied their hands and feet together. Luckily no one was hurt but the man is still at large. All of this happened not too far from my home and before my bed time. On a busy day I might even have been on my way to the store to get a late snack before bed. A good reminder to everyone no city or no person for that matter is exempt from the evil in this world. Keep them chambered my friends
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    I heard that on the scanner when I got up for work. They were setting up containment.

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