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Thread: A question of justice at Puyallup WAC show

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    A question of justice at Puyallup WAC show

    Our own DEROS and Nick the shadow were there.

    Between my chats with them, I had some other interesting conversations:

    It was a simple question about ‘justice’

    PUYALLUP, WA — At the monthly Washington Arms Collectors’ gun show here, the question most commonly asked of this column is about Operation Fast and Furious, and when someone is going to be held accountable.

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    I'm not much of a writer, so forgive me if I ramble on.

    We're just winding down from a very good Veterans' Day; emotions are still running, especially for most all vets.

    I think of this F&F situation and it makes my blood boil. An administration that says combat wounded vets should pay for their own insurance to cover their wounds, disrespects fallen warriors by 'tossing' the rose instead of 'placing' it on the wreath, not respecting the flag, etc.

    My point is; do we really think anything will be done as discipline to those involved? A skipper's cruiser hits a marker buoy and is told to retire. A worker in the shipyard is caught in a compromising position and is fired. Working in the DOD for 34 yrs, I have seen this go on first hand. The higher the chain of command, the lesser punishment.

    IF anything happens it will be one of two things: they will be moved to another part of the administration, or they will be ASKED to retire where they will receive full benifets. I hope that I'm wrong, but.............

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    IMHO: More Gun control legislation was the whole purpose of F&F. "look how out of control these BGs are, we need more control to shut them down" Until it backfired on them the top dogs were probably happy Terry was murdered.

    The Pres has said right along they were trying to work more gun control in "under the radar". Sorry, our radar is better then your under.

    It is kind of like when Pres Carter back in 1972 said "they don't think we have a fuel crisis? so let's give them one..."

    Then Rahm Emanual and his "let no good crisis go unexploited"
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