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Thread: Glock 19 extractor

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    Glock 19 extractor

    Hello everyone,

    I am having a problem with my glock 19 extracting rounds onto my face. I am in a normal, front on stance, with the gun at full arms length. The extractor when firing most of the time puts the rounds back and to the right of the gun, but sometimes it hits me on the face and head, scaring the **** out of me. I do not like hot metal touching the best feature of me (lol). Do any of you have this issue? any suggestions on how to fix this?? I wear eye protection in the means of miltary issue Z87+ lens glasses that I use everday. I worry about one getting stuck in there.

    This might just sound childish, but it ticks me off when the bullets go downrange, and the brass whacks me in the face.

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    Just try to stop shooting like a gangsta!

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    How often does the brass hit you? Hae you tried different types o ammunition?
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    546 somewhat "normal" lol I've fired hundreds of different guns. And always end up smacking a few shells off my forehead lol. It is caused by one or two things. +p ammo.......if there is too much powder it will eject the shell with enough force to throw off its intended trijectory and it goes back instead of out and back. #w weak giuderod spring. Same effect as above. Use lighter loads and replace the spring. You'll be fine
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