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Thread: Republicans in charge for almost a year: what was done in advancing 2A rights?

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    Republicans in charge for almost a year: what was done in advancing 2A rights?

    We have all state wide offices with Republicans in charge for almost a year now. Conventional wisdom is that Republicans are better in advancing gun rights than Democrats. At least on average this ishould still be true. But how much was done in fixing many issues that we have impeding our gun rights in Michigan? Attorney General office is doing something, at least. Opinion on silencers that appears to legalize it is one thing that can be creditied to AG. However, our House and Senate have little to show for. There are number of Bills on the table. Some have been there for a long time. Nothing became Law so far. I am afraid that excuse now will be - this is election year...we can not do anything controversial. I expected better out of this Congress. Is there anything we can do to help some of these Bills becoming Laws?

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    Advance in camo with torches and rifles?

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    While I agree with you that we need to move some pro2A bills, our lawmakers had a lot to deal with this year as far as trying to get our economy back on track. Randy Richarville is the leader of the State Senate, and also lives where I do. I recently wrote him asking about his Campus Carry bill that he has pushed in the past and brought up other gun rights being passed in other states recently, asking why we have seen nothing. Here is a copy of my letter and his reply. -

    My email to him-

    Dear Senator Richardville,

    I am writing you today to ask how progress for the campus carry legislation you have supported in the past is coming along, and to ask you why we have not seen any positive changes to our gun laws since last November's election?

    As you know, republicans won a lot of state legislatures and governor positions in several states last November, and those states have been busy passing pro-2A legislation while we sit idle in Michigan. Since November, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida, Missouri and others have all found the time, why haven't we been able to do so?

    One of the main reasons I vote for you is your stance on the Second Amendment and your unflinching support for gun rights, so now that you are in such an influential position why have we not seen any progress in this area?

    I ask you to please not waste this opportunity while republicans control all 3 areas of government here in Michigan. We never know when that may change, so please do the right thing and pass some positive gun rights legislation while you have the opportunity.

    His reply to me-

    I am still working with my colleagues on changing the laws in regards to concealed weapons. While there won’t be legislation passed on this issue by the end of the year, we are making it a priority for 2012. It is a very important issue for myself and many others in my caucus. I appreciate your continued interest in this matter.


    Senator Richardville

    Now also keep in mind our Gov may be a (R), but he is an establishment (R), and gun rights are not high on his priorities, so I think it is HIGHLY unlikely he signs anythign very contoversial, like campus carry or elimination of pfz's

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    The more likely scenario is that all parties silently agree the bill gets passed while the Governor is stirring up our partnerships in Bora Bora. This, of course, would leave Calley to sign the bill and I understand he would.
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