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Thread: Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands

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    Obama Pushing Shooters Off Public Lands

    While this isn't OC specific, It is important. Small steps the Gov't takes affect things across the board.
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    Beyond refusing to actually police their land and cite litterers and dumpers, it seems they have decided to single out recreational shooters for group punishment while ignoring all other avenues of addressing the issues raised. I am particularly surprised that there is no mention of creating special recreational shooting areas where BLM can collect user fees and other forms of tribute while ensuring that the hikers, dog walkers and other hoplophobes do not become "freaked out" by wandering into the area. Somehow have the feeling that shooters would be more willing to pay fees than lose their places to engage in their sport, as opposed to ATV riders, rock climbers, or dog walkers.

    It is rather telling that BLM is not seeking to control the activity and behavior of other groups whose activities are clearly more damaging to the land and pose more dangers to the public both that use the BLM areas and who live nearby. Just as an example, as I have nothing against them except that they are noisy and stinky and generally rude, ATV riders change watercourses and cause damage that leads to mudslides/landslides that can close access to broad areas for years. Their exhausts pollute the air and the water. Riders with faulty or illegally removed spark arresters cause wildfires. But is BLM seeking to close them out? As another example - I have never seen anyone hauling their dog's waste out from a walk in BLM lands. But I don't see BLM proposing to kick them out.

    I know that the most ineffective argument against actions like what are being proposed are to show how egerybody else is just as bad or even worse, but if we are going to counter this we will need to demand equality with all the other recreational users - even those folks who go to BLM lands to suffocate the fish after using pain-inducing steel hooks to violently yank them out of the water.

    stay safe.
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