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Thread: New CPL Law Changes

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    Question New CPL Law Changes

    Changes to RCW 9.41.070 were put into effect on July, 22, 2011. It changed the way a background check was conducted for issuing a WA CPL.
    In paragraph (2) (a) the issuing authority will now "conduct a check through the national instant criminal background check system" and I have a question about implementation.

    I have a current WA CPL and whenever I purchase a handgun and they do the NICS check I am put on delay status (not denied). The FFL dealer never gets a call back (nothing comes back from NICS ever). The time limit just expires and I am allowed to buy the gun. They do this each and every time.

    How will the issuing authority handle this "delay" when I renew my current CPL?

    Anyone know?

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    It would depend on whether the state is May issue or Shall issue, I would think. I'm not a lawyer, but it seems that if the state is Shall issue they would need firm grounds for denying the permit. An actual reason, or evidence that you were not a suitable person to be armed.

    You would probably get the best answer from someone in the Washington forum. Just keep scrolling down on the main forum page, and you'll find it.

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    your permit comes in the mail about 2 weeks after you turn in your paper work anyways. As of the wait for a gun, that may be because your name is a common one and which I have seen people wait to purchase a pistol with a permit. Luck of the draw I guess? I have never had an issue with my checks and walk out with a pistol the day of purchase.

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    To the OP, don't write on the document for purchase, your social security number, and see what that might do. You can leave your social security number off the document. For some odd reason I was denied, then left my social security number off the document the following purchase, and was not denied.
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    It would Appear as if Your 'DELAY' Response from The Federal Bureau of Investigation Query of The National Instant Criminal System is due to Your Name or Information being Similiar to, but not Nessecarily The Same as, another Person who is Identified under that Index as being 'PROHIBITED'.

    Therefore, The only Way to have This Removed is to Challenge those Records Directly, under a NICS Appeal, to PRevent furhter Misunderstandings between Yourself and another Individual.

    However, once a State Concealed Weapons Permit, Concealed Pistol Permit, etc., by whatever Name Your State Calls it, is Issued, then it may or may not Qualify as an Alternative to The Check.

    Information for Appeal can be found here:

    Information for as to Whether or not Your States' Permit Qualifies as for a NICS Alternative, otherwise known as a 922(t) Exception, can be found here:


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