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Thread: The Dalles

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    The Dalles

    The Dalles

    I live in The Dalles. The reason for my post is this:

    This town is a 12,000 plus population. It would appear I am the only one here that open carries. I just don't get it. I have never once been hassled (which is very nice) and I don't leave the house without my .45 on my hip. I carry for protection and because I can, but I find it so strange that others do not.
    Just felt like venting that and perhaps there are others in The Dalles that might read this and hopefully correct me.


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    I like the Dallas, haven't been down that way in a while though. Never had a problem when we did.

    I am answering you because of what happened in our little village (20 miles from me, but our PO is there). Here on OCDO we had a discussion of WA liquor store is explicit, the state run stores MUST allow your OC, but there is nothing in the law about the contract stores, so I volunteered to go to our little contract store and ask if anything is in the contract about allowing, or not, OC in the store.

    The gal that holds the loacl contract said..."No, there is nothing in the contract, but people do it ALL THE TIME...". Now granted we live 20 miles out of town, and only go there it shop...but you know what? I have never seen anyone OC in Tonasket (beside me).

    So, what I am saying is: just because you, personally, do not see someone else OC, doesn't mean there are not any others that do so... Also, I would guess if you saw me, you probably would not see my carry either. Black CZ85 (or 83) in a black leather holster, black belt, black pants, Maybe even a black shirt...and in winter a very dark brown short leather jacket, unless it is really cold. I do have a cpl and do not dress for my carry.

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    I frequent going to The Dalles to visit my friends maybe once every two weeks or so. I have been in quite a few places OC'ing...Fred Meyer, Bi-Mart, Safeway, probably too many places to mention. Not once have I been harrassed, so it must be all good

    I do not expect any incidents to occur, but that 1 in a million chance could happen to anyone so I might as well be prepared for it. It also seems that Hood River PD is OC friendly since two officers saw me during the Harvest Festival, stared, and went about their bussiness. Just FYI if you go there, but maybe my experience was an oddball one.

    Im sure you already know about this site, but here you go anyways:


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