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Thread: Jacket Weather

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    Jacket Weather

    With Winter here, a lot of us find it hard to OC because our jacket, fleece, etc. can end up covering our weapon and if we don't have a CCW, that can lead to bad juju. Some people suggest getting a drop-leg holster and going that route, but others feel that might be a little to mall-ninja for them. This guy has a compromise.
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    With a standard hip holster, I just use a shorter jacket. I've a drop holster I used nearly all the time, and with that I can use my longer jackets.

    The gun is black. The holster is black. My pants are black. It's not at all "mall-ninja." It's very subdued.
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    I agree with the short jacket practice, cause that's what I do. Granted I'm a slim guy to begin with but I've had no problems OC'ing with a Blackhawk CQC holster.

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