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    The next wave constitutional perversion may start soon.

    I wonder what side OWS forum supporters will take when
    OCCUPYXMAS comes to a store near you! Make no mistake they will disrupt, and have no issue with putting our families at risk. Occupiers have already proven they are capable of violence, and trampling on the rights of others. Forum occupy supporters will tell you abridging the rights of others is OK, even though it’s not protected under the constitution.

    Like the regular Black Friday crowds aren’t bad enough, now add this. How will the forum supporters side when their own families are negatively impacted by clueless occupiers; day, night, afternoon, walking driving, kids in tow, on-and-on through-out the Christmas shopping season. I hope they step up to reality, because forcing one’s self on shoppers is not how American’s peaceably petition the Government.

    Let’s hope the nuts are all talk and decide against the whole bad idea!
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    They can occupyxmas as long as they long as it doesn't interfere with Christmas.
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