After receiving the ending email from the board I OCed there without issue. I really hope it stays that way.

To: Board of Directors
Subject: no firearm sign to come?

To the Board,

I called the mineral point location today in anticipation of recieving my concealed carry permit to check whether summit credit union was one of the financial institutions that will be posting a sign not allowing firearms on premises. I was displeased in that the woman I talked too said although she could not reach the head of security the person she had talked to said "Though we currently have no sign posted there will be one". I hope this is not the case. So far my banking experience has been excellent and changing over to Associated Bank(which allows concealed carry) will be the end result if the sign is posted. I have linked some food for thought below. Oh and FYI, even Chase is allowing.

if you do not wish to visit this site the following is contained therin:

Why Concealed Carry Is Good For Your Business<>

Concealed Carry Permit Holders

* Have No Felony Convictions (lifetime)
* Have Never Been Convicted Of Any Drug Offenses
* Have Never Been Convicted Of Domestic Violence
* Have Never Been Dishonorably Discharged From The Military
* Have Passed a FBI Background Check
* Are a U.S. Citizens Who Have Received State Mandated Training

How Much DO You Know About Your Other Customers???

By posting your business with no firearms signs you expose your self to:

* Lawsuits, Under the concealed carry bill business that post no firearms loses immunity from civil lawsuits Act35(21)(a)(b)
* Criminal Attention - You are now indicating to the thugs that all of your customers and employees are easy victims
* Reduced revenue - Law abiding citizens are not going to want to patronize your business while their life is in jeopardy, they will seek out your competitors that allow honest, law abiding citizens the right to carry their firearms

Liability To Your Business IF You Post No Firearms

Understanding the Liability of Posting your Business.

We are adults, and are responsible for our own actions..
As such, if you do not post, and someone comes in and does something dumb with a gun, that is on them ...not you, or your business. You will have no liability.
If, however, you do post, you are accepting a great liability and responsibility..
It goes like this..If one has to disarm to enter, they are doing so at your request.
WITH THE IMPLICIT UNDERSTANDING THAT .You are accepting the mantel of responsibility for their continued health, safety, & wellbeing. This responsibility begins from the moment they close the car door till they return to the car, and everywhere in-between.
if anything happened to them, they, or their heirs, will own you and your business.
Add to that, the only thing you are doing, by posting a sign, is advertising a Defenseless, Target Rich Environment, to anyone with evil intent.
Have you the intent to post Guards with Metal detectors, to prevent ANYONE, from entering, to protect the good folk, who following your request, have disarmed themselves??
Your sign(s) will mean nothing, and will not make you safe, if someone, wishing to do damage, has a body count goal.
Also, we are developing a web site, at WCCA, to post the businesses that post, for all to see and avoid,..
with both their guns, and their money.
I do hope this helps in your decision.
And yes, we do have signs,
They all say, to the Good Folk of Wisconsin:
"You and Your Firearms are welcome in this Establishment"



Mr. Dickert,

In regard to your e-mail addressed to our Board of Directors, Summit Credit Union has not made the decision to post signs prohibiting concealed weapons in our facilities. We apologize for the incorrect information you received last week. We will take the necessary steps to ensure all staff is informed of Summit's position on this matter. Going forward, our plans are to continue to closely monitor this situation and re-evaluate whether signs prohibiting concealed weapons are necessary to ensure the safety of our employees and members.


Jeremy Eppler | VP - Risk Management | Summit Credit Union
4800 American Parkway | Madison, WI 53713
608-243-5000 (ph.) | 608-243-5030 (fax)

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