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Thread: MKEgal teaches a fine CC class

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    Red face MKEgal teaches a fine CC class

    Last weekend my wife and I hosted a small get together of 9 friends to have dinner, beverages and “Face to face” CC training. We retained MKEgal to do the course in our home. She did an excellent job and all of our guests had a wonderful time. This was a great way to get the training requirement and make an event out of it.

    If you’re in the Milwaukee area, consider a home training party. Many of my guests are planning one for their friends. It’s like Silpada with guns.
    Help MKEgal pay her bills and get your CC training all at the same time.

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    im definitly thinking about doin this . As i dont know anyone else in beaver dam that OC or is applying for a ccw licences . so it would be nice to get some of my friends involved . as they have expressed intrest .

    thanks for the post and idea

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    Yep - you get the best of two worlds: Training and helping someone that really deserves it ......with friends in a decidedly user friendly environment.

    - dedicated to MKEgal.
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    great to hear .. we all knew her classes would be AWESOME ..

    might have to do this for some friends of mine and my dad that still need a class

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    I didn't put him up to this... but thank you.

    For in-home 'parties', I've decided to have a minimum of 5 people.

    If you want to arrange a class with 12-20 people, I'll rent a venue in Milwaukee.
    Coordinate it among yourselves, have the coordinator contact me to set a date.
    Depending on the schedule of the place I plan to rent, it'll probably need a couple weeks' lead time, & the best time is Sunday afternoon / early evening.

    And until a judge lifts the restriction, I'll bring an assistant to handle the props to explain some concepts.
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    I'm sure she runs a fine class. I would encourage anyone who hasn't taken a class yet to sign up with her. This isn't some nameless, faceless, company. This is someone we know and trust.
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