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    Arcus 98

    Hey yall I have been looking into the Arcus 98 Hi Power clone along with CZ 75 (and now CZ 85)... anyhow what can you tell me about the Arcus I heard that they have issues with their metal being soft and that the older ones were better which could explain the higer price I see people asking on used ones. (dealer) I hear you can get them cheaper at Buds or other places. This is just for an example.


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    I like the CZ75 myself. I do like the high powers and clones, but they need to be single action, just like the originals.
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    I have an Arcus 98DAC (the compact version). Its an okay gun, but I had to do a bit of work on mine. There is almost zero finishing work done on the internals. When I opened mine up it looked like they took the parts right off the production machines, painted them, and put them in the gun. I had to spend some time sanding and polishing to smooth out the trigger but be VERY careful if you don't know what you're doing. I also recommend putting in a lighter hammer/trigger spring. Helped smooth out the pull some more, but don't go too light or you loose reliability of ignition.

    Bottom line on the gun: if you're looking specifically for a Hi-Power, its a decent gun for the price and a bit of an improvement with the DA/SA trigger. But if a Hi-Power isn't the name of the game, you'll get better quality out of a CZ.

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