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Thread: Someone who may help us

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    Someone who may help us

    Even it is only to listen and learn. I do not agree with all, but many of her points. Mostly it has been the good leadership. Start at the 10min mark.

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    naomi wolf is a great story of someone who just woke up one day and realized the police state oppression we live under.
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    I listened to part of her talk and couldn't help but notice that she needs to take an American History class. She incorrectly implied that the "Bonus Army" protest movement (in the 1930s) by World War I vets was because Congress had reneged on a promise to make good on payment of their war service bonus certificates.

    In fact, the bonus certificates had a maturation date in 1945 and it was the veterans who were demanding early payment (not that I blame them). But anyway, that lady really should take the time to research her facts before giving a speech.

    The points she made about how the First Amendment shouldn't be subject to the personal whims of politicians and bureaucrats should sound familiar to the Second Amendment community...I hope she makes the connection (not holding my breath though).

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