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Thread: shoulder holster for taurus pt1911 with rail

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    shoulder holster for taurus pt1911 with rail

    Hey folks,

    As soon as my permit comes through I will be a proud owner of a taurus 1911 with a rail. Im having trouble finding a holster that will work for it though. I really want a leather shoulder holster because I carry my gun quite a bit and I have a uncle mikes holster for my p99 and any time I'm sitting down it seems to dig in my side and just isn't very comfortable and I think a shoulder holster will be more comfortable. Also when I'm hunting and in a tree stand I seem to hit my holster on everything when I turn around in the stand. I really would like a galco rig but I'm not sure if they have a model that will work with the rail on my new gun so I sent them an email which they wont get back to me until at least monday. Just didnt know if any one else has had this problem and found a solution already. Any help is much appreciated.


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    lol you bought a taurus.

    Good luck finding a decent leather holster that will fit that HUGE rail they put on that thing. (I owned two, main reason for selling the first on was I couldn't find a nice holster for it. If I can't carry it right, i don't want it.)
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    You will not find one from Galco. Or one that is made out of leather period. The reason is that Taurus decided to use different dimensions for their rail than everybody else. You're only hope is some crappy nylon holster.
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    Have you tried on a Bianchi X-15? I used to have the older model (X-2000 Phantom) of those for my Colt Delta Elite, and it has an open front and is "spring fitted" with a thumb strap, so it may be capable of accommodating the monstrous rail on the Taurus.

    Try and locate one in a local shop and try it on.

    I have nothing but praise for Bianchi Shoulder Holsters. They are some of the best non-custom shoulder rigs on the market, are easy to adjust, are VERY secure, and are priced reasonably.
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