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Thread: Be Very Aware of the Twin Fall's POV

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    Be Very Aware of the Twin Fall's POV

    For those with any doubt concerning the Twin Falls Post Register's stand on the 2nd Amendment, be sure you read Monday's Cheers and Jeers section which jeers Representatives Simpson and Labrador for their votes in favor of National Right to Carry.

    While they give lip service to "states rights" they conclude their article with a warning that common sense should have told them this will put more guns in the hands of people who live in states which would prohibit them.

    Kudos and LOUD CHEERS to both Reps for voting in favor of INCREASING lawful carry in an effort to respect those rights guaranteed by the Constitution!

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    I was pretty concerned about Simpson not voting for it. I wrote him twice concerning the bill and the first time was after the bill was just being introduced. He emailed me back pretty much saying he didn't think it was necessary since states could already do reciprocity if they wanted. I have always been pretty skeptical of Simpson on gun rights. He has a good voting record but whenever he talks about the second amendment it seems to me he always talks about hunting and not so much on your God given right to carry a firearm for self defense.

    Back to your point :P ya the Post Register is a joke.

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