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Thread: Home invasion: Shoots man in back with "machine gun," sister grabs rifle, man dies

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    Home invasion: Shoots man in back with "machine gun," sister grabs rifle, man dies,4231911.story

    A Norfolk woman attempted to save her brother’s life after two men broke into their apartment on Wyoming Avenue and shot him in the back. She grabbed one of the men's guns and tried to stop him, but the 23-year-old, Leon Thornton, later died in surgery.

    Vernedia Thornton said she was asleep when a pair of robbers, armed with machine guns, kicked open her apartment door, one shot her brother Leon Thornton in the back. He crashed into her room and dove under her bed. The shooter followed.

    “I had the handle of his gun. He was pointing it under the bed saying, “Get from under there, get from under there,’ so I grabbed it and I`m like, ‘I`m not going to let y`all kill my brother,’” says Vernedia.
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    Kudos to a brave lady.

    It's a shame the lawless miscreants got away.

    Home defense firearms are a must in this day and time, IMHO.
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