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Thread: transportation with hammerlocks

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    transportation with hammerlocks

    I haven't taken my cc class yet but I have a couple Taurus Judges that have a key that locks the hammer preventing them from being fired. I was thinking that even if the gun was loaded in the vehicle, say behind my seat, and the hammer locked and in the holster I was in the clear but now I'm not so sure. What about the same scenario but locked in the toolbox? If not then I should think about an auto loader since it's easier to remove the clip then load and unload a revolver. Many thanks.


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    im not too keen on the laws in your state but i would advise asking an attorney about this. regardless if the hammer is locked or not it is a loaded weapon, and if you lock it in a toolbox it is a concealed/ hidden loaded weapon. im no expert on your laws but i would be highly cautious of doing this until you have 100% confirmation that your not violating law in doing so.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Simple answer that solves a lot of problems - Get your permit, post haste.
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    IANAL, but IMO....

    If the gun is loaded and you don't have a is illegal, regardless of if the hammer is locked and/or in the toolbox.

    In TN a gun can even be considered "loaded" with the ammo in, but just easily accessible.

    You should have the handgun "not concealed on or about the person and the ammunition for the weapon was not in the immediate vicinity of the person or weapon"
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