I know this site is just about open carry but for all the Guamanians on this forum I would like to ask your opinions on the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill.This bill was passed by congress to allow people from other states who hold concealed carry permits from one state to also carry anywhere else in the country with the exceptions of D.C. and Illinois.This also applies to the US territories just like Guam and Puerto Rico.So basically for example is you hold a Florida concealed permit that person may carry concealed on Guam, but as we all know to get a concealed permit on Guam you either have to have been a victim of a violent crime, A business owner,in great fear for your life,or kiss someones ass in the Department just to get approved for one.Our right to carry openly is protected my the constitution but so is concealed carry, It`s time for change here on Guam.I am writing to congresswoman Bordallo about getting changed from a may issue state to a shall issue state,because to deny a law abiding citizen with all lawful purposes to carry a concealed weapon to me is a infringement of our rights.Please join me and voice my concerns to congresswoman Bordallo
Thank You.