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Thread: Port Orchard, WA home defence

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    Port Orchard, WA home defence

    Port Orchard homeowner shoots intruder

    by KING 5 News

    Posted on December 3, 2011 at 4:04 PM

    PORT ORCHARD, Wash. - No charges are expected to be filed against a Kitsap County homeowner who shot a man who broke into his house Saturday morning.

    It happened around 1 a.m. in Port Orchard near Melcher Street and Portland Avenue.

    The suspect was on the run from police when he forced his way into a home to try to hide from the officers. The homeowner was sleeping at the time, but woke up when he heard the suspect break down the door.

    Authorities say the homeowner shot the intruder in self defense.

    "In this situation, someone physically broke in his door, came into his residence he was unfamiliar with this person and he had a girlfriend there, he has a right to protect his property and his family,” said Det. Krista Hedstrom of the Washington State Patrol.

    The intruder was shot in the stomach and taken to the hospital for surgery. He's listed in stable condition.
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    WOW! I read that headline and my heart skipped a beat . I have a daughter and grand daughter living there.

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    Justice was served.

    Perhaps the miscreant who intruded on the homeowner's domain will think twice before pulling such a stupid stunt again.
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    "Dead" is a very "stable condition." It's the ultimate "stable condition." Unfortunately, I don't think that is what they mean.

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