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Thread: Wa cpl holder/ Oregon travel

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    Wa cpl holder/ Oregon travel

    Hey please forgive me as I am new to here. I have a Wa cpl and know it is not recognised in Oregon. I will traveling to Oregon next week and wonder what the oc/cc laws are. I plan on bringing my piece for mine and my family safety, just do not want any trouble for an out of stater.... Thank you for you time and replies.

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    the laws are posted in first two sticky threads at the top of this forum
    *Disclaimer~ I am not an attorney, i do not give legal advice. Any opinion stated here is in no way meant to insinuate, imply, compel or encourage that you should do anything that is illegal either knowingly or otherwise. My answers however valid may not be complete or applicable to your individual situation. I strongly recommend that you do your own research, make your own decisions and hire an attorney for legal advice ~

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    Ccw poor

    Oregon honors no other CCW permits at this time, however they will issue permits to residents of states that border Oregon. I live in OR. now but just moved back from Nevada. I have a Nevada permit and an Oregon permit, but what makes me legal to carry concealed in Wash. State is my non-resident Fla. permit. Crazy but thats what it takes for me to be legal when I travel most of the West. Check Union County in N.E. Oregon, Pro-gun , very nice sheriff. Good Luck!
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    In OR you can OC most anywhere without a permit, but you cannot conceal. OR does not recognize anyone elses CPL, only their own, so no CC.

    There are some places (like Portland and Astoria) that say, without a permit, you cannot OC loaded. There is a funny little twitch to these loaded OC bans. It appears the OR legislature (and the local laws) say, you cannot OC load "without a permit from a government agency." Origon state law, and the local laws based on this state law, do not specify what a "governmental agency" is, but it is NOT specified as only an Oregon governmental agency.

    Therefore: We have speculated that a WA permit would cover you for loaded OC in those places with loaded OC Bans because of this "governmental agency" wording...

    No-one has ever seen a court case of this, but if you look in the treads here you will find one thread on a WA man that OC'd in Astoria, being arrested for loaded OC. No charges were ever filed, he got his weapon back, the thread.

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