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Thread: New to Mississippi

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    New to Mississippi

    Hello All,

    I recently moved to Southaven, MS about 6 months ago. I have an Ohio concealed carry license and currently am the branch manager at a armored car business. I am officially on call 24/7 and am aware of a Federal law that allows an armored car employee to carry anytime in any state as long as they are working. Since I'm on call, I would be working all the time.

    I also have a Tennessee armed security license. My question is this: Am I allowed to carry concealed on my Tennessee, Ohio, and Federal allowance in Mississippi and Tennessee? As I understand it, I cannot apply for a Mississippi concealed carry license until I have lived in MS for at least 12 months.

    A second question: Are you allowed to open carry in Mississippi and Tennessee? In Ohio it is a constitutional right, and localities are not allowed to make local statutes that override the state law. Is it the same here in MS and TN?

    Thanks for all the help.

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    The best place to ask would be in the Mississippi sub-forum. There are people there who would be better able to tell you if a resident can carry on an out-of-state license, if only being there 6 months made a difference, and if being a armored car driver made a difference.

    As to the federal law you mentioned, that's the first I've heard of it. That said, I doubt you being "on call" would be enough to count as working in the event of a legal challenge.

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    Open carry is legal in MS. You have to have a concealed permit for it though. The law is worded kind of strange.

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